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Prenatal visits

We have office appointments every 4 weeks, then every 2, we have a home visit at 36 weeks, then we have office visits every week until your baby is born. Prenatal visits are often 45 minutes to an hour long, so that you have time to ask questions and be heard. We will check your urine, blood pressure, pulse, measure your growing belly, and listen to the baby at every visit. You are welcome to bring your family or come alone. There is a play kitchen and other quiet toys in the room for children.

We offer standard and specialty blood and urine tests through Quest or PathGroup labs. You can choose to have a sonogram in one of 8 locations in the greater Kansas City Area or Topeka. Labs and sonograms can be billed directly to insurance by those offices and are not included in the Midwife fee. You can decline tests and sonograms in most cases; exceptions exist for special situations.


Once you are in active labor, I provide continuous support and intermittent monitoring during your birth. I have birth tubs you may use with a new, sterile liner. During labor, we check blood pressure and pulse, and listen to the baby at certain intervals, through a contraction. I only perform vaginal exams when requested or deemed necessary, which is rare. I bring supplies for emergencies to your birth.

After your baby is born, your birth team will ensure you and your baby eat, perform a newborn exam, help you clean up your body, ensure you can empty your bladder, suturing is available for some tearing, and we make sure everyone has stable vital signs. We also clean up birth related messes before we leave! And NO, we don't care if your house is messy. 

Postpartum Care

I return after your baby is born, between 24-48 hours. At the first postpartum visit, we make sure you are recovering from birth and that your baby is doing well. I offer Newborn Metabolic Screening (also called PKU or blood spot tests), Newborn Hearing Screening, and the Critical Cardiac Heart Defect Screening. We work on the birth certificate and other paperwork. Around day 3-5, I return to weigh the baby and ensure everyone is recovering well. I see people in the home again at week 1 and 2, and you can visit the office at weeks 4, and 6. This high level of care supports your transition into parenthood with lower rates of complications! 


The total service fee is $5,500, which is due by 36 weeks, for us to go on call for your birth. We cannot accept insurance or offer refunds. Sonograms and laboratory tests are not included, but may be billed directly to any insurance you may have. Families make payments on whatever schedule fits into their budget. In the event of a transfer, I ensure your bigger birth team has your records and knows your needs. We can resume care after discharge to your home.

Special Care Situations


Trauma informed care for survivors

Sensitive care for our trans community members

Supportive care for those suffering from the stress and harm of racism

Active duty parent(s) and unit communications

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