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The practice of midwifery is distinct from the practice of medicine. Midwifery is a individual-centered health care discipline that is nurtured by the special relationships between families and their midwives. Midwifery protects and enhances the health and social status of women and children, which in turn protects and enhances the health and well being of society. Midwifery care is clinically proven to reduce interventions, reduce cesareans, and preterm birth. Pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding are a fundamentally healthy process, but each person is unique, so their care should be tailored to meet individual physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Quality midwifery care is culturally relevant and based on informed consent, informed refusal, and shared decision making.

Melinda Lavon PhD IBCLC CPM MBC has experience in clinical care since 1996 and research experience since 2002. She started attending births at home in 2014, attended WomanCraft Midwifery distance learning program in 2015 and became an IBCLC, and completed apprenticeships in Kansas City and Lawrence. In 2018 Melinda acquired Bloom Midwifery when another midwife moved to Florida to bring waterbirth to a large hospital system. Melinda lives in Lawrence Kansas and has 4 children, the youngest of which was born at home, who tells people "I was born in my own room". 

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